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Pacific University Libraries Strategic Plan: Home


Navigating the Plan

The Libraries' plan contains 6 strategic goals (located under the tabs above); under each goal, both core activities and strategic initiatives are reflected.

Core activities are areas of ongoing work that are essential for the Libraries to be able to fulfill our mission, and that require ongoing commitment of resources and capacity. For core activities, assessment measures are tracked on the Libraries' Master Assessment Plan.

Strategic initiatives are time-limited projects or activities that require new resources (financial and/or personnel) and that have been identified as new strategies for moving the Libraries forward in fulfilling our mission and strategic goals. For each strategic initiative, the ownership, timeline, required resources, and assessment measures are indicated. Following assessment, strategic initiatives may become core activities, or may be discontinued.

About the Plan

The Pacific University Libraries strategic plan provides a framework for identifying resources, services, and initiatives that best serve the needs of students, faculty, and staff and support the mission of the University. The strategic plan is complemented by the Libraries' Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Plan, which guides the ways in which we approach in our work.

The Libraries' strategic plan reflects both ongoing activities and new initiatives that support our strategic goals. Both ongoing work and new initiatives are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure they are meeting desired outcomes and contributing to the vision and mission of the Libraries:


Equitable access to information that inspires our diverse community to engage in the common pursuit of knowledge.


To advance critical inquiry, collaborative learning, and knowledge creation through dynamic services, spaces, and collections.


Intellectual development

We will advance the intellectual development of students, faculty, and staff, as well as our colleagues within the Libraries, by promoting freedom of inquiry and expression and providing opportunities to engage with diverse ideas.

Equitable access

We will prioritize services and programs that contribute to equitable access to information and education for all, regardless of identity, ability, geography, or economic means.

Excellent service

We will strive to provide excellent service by prioritizing inclusive, collaborative, and innovative approaches to meeting the needs of all students, faculty, and staff.


The Pacific University Libraries strategic plan framework/strategic goals are adapted from the service framework proposed in:

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