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Pacific University Libraries Strategic Plan: Community


Convene Community. Provide spaces and facilitate programs for the community broadly or for specific populations that support intellectual or professional development, generate engagement with diverse ideas, or promote inclusion.

Convene Community: Strategic Initiatives


  • Lead Department/Individual:
  • Timeline:
  • Resources:
  • Assessment:

Convene Community: Core Activities

  1. Create employment opportunities for students and ensure student assistants are well-trained in accordance with best practices
  2. Provide opportunities for continuous skill development and learning by Libraries staff and faculty
  3. Maintain a comprehensive suite of professional development activities for teaching and learning with technology
  4. Create opportunities for faculty to critically evaluate the effectiveness of learning technologies and strategies in the classroom and develop the scholarship of teaching and learning
  5. Create exhibits that highlight and contextualize Pacific’s unique collections, and/or bring broader recognition to issues of diversity and global citizenship
  6. Create and sustain external collaborations that increase access to knowledge for our local and global communities