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Pacific University Libraries Strategic Plan: Academic Quality

Enable Academic Quality and Success. Support instruction and curricular innovation by faculty; facilitate learning, improve information literacy, and maximize retention, progression and later life success for all students, regardless of ability or location.


Academic Quality: Strategic Initiatives

Develop programs and services to reduce student textbook costs through adoption of OERs and low-cost materials.

  • Lead Department/Individual: OER Working Group
  • Timeline: Planning FY19-20; Pilot implementation FY20-21
  • Resources: Staff time FY19-20
  • Assessment: Completion of proposal for planned services in FY19-20; implementation and evaluation of pilots in FY20-21

Ensure library resources, services, and both physical and digital spaces meet appropriate accessibility guidelines and requirements

  • Lead Department/Individual: Accessibility Working Group
  • Timeline: Planning FY19-20; Implementation of priority activities FY20-21
  • Resources: Staff time FY19-20
  • Assessment: Completion of proposal as outlined in charge FY19-20; Implementation and evaluation of priority activities FY20-21

Provide students in all colleges, across all locations and distance learning environments, with access to peer tutoring to support subject-specific learning and writing across the disciplines

  • Lead Department/Individual: CLASS
  • Timeline: Services should be available to all students by FY21-22
  • Resources: Additional student workers; staff time for planning, training, and preparing additional tutors for online tutoring for distance learners
  • Assessment: Extent of availability of services: students in all colleges, from all campuses, should be able to access tutoring from their location. Tutoring must be available at suitable times for students in each program, and must be offered in a manner and at a frequency that is appropriate for the academic level, size, and need of each program.

Develop a certificate program for teaching and learning

  • Lead Department/Individual: CETCI
  • Timeline: Proposal developed and shared in AY19-20. Certificate piloted in FY20-21 and implemented in FY21-22
  • Resources: No extra resources are required.
  • Assessment: Number of certificates awarded; participant feedback; feedback from Deans, Directors, and other stakeholders.

Create a team of Student Success Mentors as part of CLASS to work with students 1-on-1 on navigating college life/expectations

  • Lead Department/Individual: CLASS
  • Timeline: Team launched FY21-22
  • Resources: Additional professional staff ; additional student workers; staff time for planning and training to prepare mentors to work with students
  • Assessment: Team is launched: mentors are hired, trained, and working directly with students.

Develop web resources for faculty on teaching and learning

  • Lead Department/Individual: CETCI
  • Timeline: First phase completed in FY19-20. Evaluation and implementation of next stages in FY19-20. Project completed with this evaluation and implementation.
  • Resources: No extra resources are required. 
  • Assessment: Use of materials in training and workshops; User feedback; Hits on website.

Lead adoption of, and administer, remotely hosted learning technologies, including Moodle, Zoom, PollEverywhere, and WordPress

  • Lead Department/Individual: CETCI
  • Timeline: Full proposal for Libraries adoption of Educational Technology support developed in FY19-20. Implementation dependent on funding of that proposal. 
  • Resources: Requires an integrated proposal to outline the services that will be adopted by the Libraries, the funding sources, and the additional staffing requirements. 
  • Assessment: User satisfaction; Adoption rates; Development of new services; Integration of educational technology services; Integration of library services into LMS and other platforms.

Create an additional research and instructional services librarian position to improve service to health professions and engineering

  • Lead Department/Individual: Dean of University Libraries
  • Timeline: FY20-21 or FY21-22
  • Resources: Funding for new faculty line
  • Assessment: Successful hiring and recruitment; increased contact with/support for health professions programs (instruction and research services).

Academic Quality: Core Activities

  1. Provide instruction for all colleges that addresses students’ roles as consumers and creators of information, including instruction in research literacies and publishing
  2. Provide quality research services to support all colleges
  3. Develop online materials, workflows, and tools that support instruction / research services for blended and distance learning programs
  4. Support faculty, staff, student, and other users in preparing their scholarly or creative work for dissemination through CommonKnowledge
  5. Provide tutoring and academic assistance services to students in all colleges
  6. Maintain a staff of peer tutors that are well-trained in accordance with best practices
  7. Ensure the campus community is aware of available tutoring services and understands how to access them
  8. Provide support for faculty use of university learning technologies
  9. Manage and administer learning technologies to support all colleges and campuses
  10. Provide incentive programs for the thoughtful integration of technology into the curriculum and the adoption of new pedagogies
  11. Provide instructional design services for blended and online courses
  12. Develop web resources for teaching and learning with technology