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Pacific University Libraries Strategic Plan: Academic Quality


Enable Academic Quality and Success. Support instruction and curricular innovation by faculty; facilitate learning, improve information literacy, and maximize retention, progression and later life success for all students, regardless of ability or location.


Academic Quality: Strategic Initiatives

Develop programs and services to reduce student textbook costs through adoption of OERs and low-cost materials.

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  • Timeline:
  • Resources:
  • Assessment:

Academic Quality: Core Activities

  1. Provide instruction for all colleges that addresses students’ roles as consumers and creators of information, including instruction in research literacies and publishing
  2. Provide quality research services to support all colleges
  3. Develop online materials, workflows, and tools that support instruction / research services for blended and distance learning programs
  4. Support faculty, staff, student, and other users in preparing their scholarly or creative work for dissemination through CommonKnowledge
  5. Provide tutoring and academic assistance services to students in all colleges
  6. Maintain a staff of peer tutors that are well-trained in accordance with best practices
  7. Ensure the campus community is aware of available tutoring services and understands how to access them
  8. Provide support for faculty use of university learning technologies
  9. Manage and administer learning technologies to support all colleges and campuses
  10. Provide incentive programs for the thoughtful integration of technology into the curriculum and the adoption of new pedagogies
  11. Provide instructional design services for blended and online courses
  12. Develop web resources for teaching and learning with technology