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Pacific University Libraries Strategic Plan: Unique Collections


Steward and Promote Unique Collections. Provide access to Pacific’s unique archives, museum and other special collections; ensure their long-term usage and preservation.


Unique Collections: Strategic Initiatives

Expand storage and preservation space for Archives and University cultural resources to better support new acquisitions and teaching/research activities

  • Lead Department/Individual: Archives / Dean / University Cultural Collections Committee
  • Activities:
    • Develop accurate estimates of amount/nature of space needed for each collection and format type
    • Identify potential space retrofit options and obtain cost estimates
    • Identify internal and external (grant) funding sources and apply for funds
    • Implement retrofit/renovation projects
  • Timeline: Multi-year (stages based on each collection)
  • Intended Outcomes/Assessment:
    • Additional storage space secured on the Forest Grove campus for museum collection, art collection, rare books, and document boxes
    • All storage has appropriate HVAC, security, and pest controls

Unique Collections: Core Activities

  1. Provide sustainable collection management and preservation of Pacific’s archives, museum, and art collections
  2. Digitize and publish descriptions of Pacific’s unique archival, artifact and art collections through local, regional, and national discovery platforms
  3. Provide access to our local scholarship and collections through open online platforms
  4. Disseminate diverse, unique, or under-represented scholarly and creative works that would otherwise lack a venue
  5. Provide leadership for cultural resource initiatives in our broader community
  6. Serve as the university’s main point of reference on Pacific’s history and the contents of our unique collections
  7. Integrate Pacific's unique archival, museum and art collections into the university's teaching, learning and research