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Pacific University Libraries Strategic Plan: ALL INITIATIVES


Convene Community: Strategic Initiatives

Develop a suite of orientation, development, and mentoring programs for faculty (especially new faculty and adjuncts)

  • Lead Department/Individual: CETCI
  • Activities:
    • Develop learning communities and support programs on teaching and learning from new faculty and adjuncts
    • Develop a certificate program for teaching and learning
    • Develop a University-wide faculty mentoring program
  • Timeline:
    • New Faculty FLC AY 21-22
    • Certificate Programs AY 22-23
    • Mentoring Program AY 23-24
  • Intended Outcomes/Assessment:
    • Faculty Participation
    • Faculty Satisfaction
    • Integration of content into teaching
    • Faculty retention

Develop programming to support first-generation students, in coordination with the First Generation Student Success Association and other campus partners

  • Lead Department/Individual: Dean/CLASS/LST
  • Activities:
    • Connect with FGSSA and other student organizations and identify opportunities to partner with/support existing work
    • Identify roles/responsibility within the Libraries to specifically support first-gen students
    • Implement new outreach/programming and assess
  • Timeline:
    • Outreach to student organizations: Fall 2022
    • Program/outreach planning: Spring 2023
    • Assessment/future planning: Summer 2023
  • Intended Outcomes/Assessment:
    • Increased sense of belonging for first-generation students in the Libraries
    • Strategies identified and implemented to address the 'hidden curriculum' of academic libraries for all students
    • Increased student engagement with Libraries resources and services needed to support their academic success

Academic Quality: Strategic Initiatives

Develop programs and services to reduce student textbook costs through adoption of OERs and low-cost materials.

  • Lead Department/Individual: OER Committee
  • Activities:
    • Maintain OER resource guides to support faculty outreach
    • Support CAS mini-grant program
    • Promote use of Faculty Select
    • Participate in AACU Insitute on OER and identify ongoing programming based on institute work
  • Timeline: Multi-year (based on specific activities)
  • Intended Outcomes/Assessment:
    • Increased awareness/knowledge of OER across faculty at Pacific
    • Increased adoption and creation of OER by faculty at Pacific
    • Specific programming identified and implemented to support OER use within each college
    • Sustainable plan for supporting OER adoption and creation at Pacific created

Develop a comprehensive (Libraries-wide) outreach and communication plan to increase awareness of Libraries services/resources among students

  • Lead Department/Individual: Communications Committee
  • Activities:
    • Inventory of current Libraries communications activities/practices
    • Identification of necessary elements for communication plan and examples
    • Creation of Libraries communication plan
    • Implementing plan with Libraries stakeholders/those responsible for key communications
  • Timeline:
    • Plan creation: 2021-2023
    • Plan implementation: Ongoing
  • Intended Outcomes/Assessment:
    • Libraries communication plan created that articulates goals, audiences, key messages, best practices/standards, strategies, and responsibilities for different types of Libraries communications
    • Communication plan understood and followed by all within the Libraries responsible for various communications

Create a team of Peer Academic Coaches as part of CLASS to provide 1-1 academic support for students

  • Lead Department/Individual: CLASS
  • Activities:
    • Work with staff academic coach in ACA to develop program framework and training curriculum for undergraduate peer academic coaches
    • Hire, train, and onboard undergraduate peer academic coaches
    • Work with coaches to widen scope of outreach and support (workshops, etc.)
    • Exploratory work to determine whether a similar program is needed for graduate students
  • Timeline:
    • Undergraduate planning and hiring completed; coaching began September 2021
    • Work toward peer-led workshops continues in 2021-22
    • Exploratory work for potential graduate peer coaching 2022-23
  • Intended Outcomes/Assessment:
    • Broad peer-led academic support is available to all students in need
    • Additional assessment measures as included in CLASS assessment plan

Information Access: Strategic Initiatives

Increase accessibility to library resources, services, and both physical and digital spaces by implementing recommendations from the 2019 Accessibility Working Group report.

  • Lead Department/Individual: Accessibility Committee
  • Activities:
    • Implement key changes in relevant service areas (instruction, access services, tutoring)
    • Make changes to facilities (signage, spacing of furniture, etc.)
    • Work toward consistent and accessible branding (in collaboration with communication committee)
    • Update the PUL website to address ongoing accessibility issues
    • Offer an accessibility for faculty (including library faculty)
  • Timeline: Work to begin 2021-22 - scope of activities and specific deadlines TBD
  • Intended Outcomes/Assessment:
    • Improved accessibility in multiple areas of student interaction with the libraries, in person and digitally
    • Services are delivered in a manner consistent with best practices for universal design with attention to accommodating specific disabilities
    • Libraries spaces are physically accessible to all users
    • Libraries branding is consistent and utilizes accessible colors, fonts, and general design principles
    • Libraries website includes accessibility features for searching and navigation, and utilizes accessible design principles for color, fonts, etc.
    • Libraries provides faculty with opportunities to improve the accessibility of their courses (e.g. Moodle, in-person teaching)

Identify and implement sustainable models for ebook and streaming media collection development

  • Lead Department/Individual: Collection Services
  • Activities:
    • Assess current collections for gaps in content and formats
    • Reach out to stakeholders to gather information about e-resource needs (related to content and format)
    • Develop budget plan based on identified resources/collection models
    • Purchase/license resources and assess use
    • Develop process for evaluating and de-accessioning e-resources to ensure relevance and currency
  • Timeline:
    • Initial assessment: 1-2 years
    • Pilot new models: 1-2 years
  • Intended Outcomes/Assessment:
    • Students and faculty report they have access to materials needed for teaching and learning
    • Resources are available in multiple formats/versions as needed to support accessibility
    • Libraries have infrastructure needed to support access to purchased/locally hosted e-resources
    • Purchased/licensed resources are used regularly (based on usage statistics)
    • Resources available are relevant for current student, staff, and faculty needs

Creation & Publication: Strategic Initiatives

No current initiatives in support of this strategic goal.

Unique Collections: Strategic Initiatives

Expand storage and preservation space for Archives and University cultural resources to better support new acquisitions and teaching/research activities

  • Lead Department/Individual: Archives / Dean / University Cultural Collections Committee
  • Activities:
    • Develop accurate estimates of amount/nature of space needed for each collection and format type
    • Identify potential space retrofit options and obtain cost estimates
    • Identify internal and external (grant) funding sources and apply for funds
    • Implement retrofit/renovation projects
  • Timeline: Multi-year (stages based on each collection)
  • Intended Outcomes/Assessment:
    • Additional storage space secured on the Forest Grove campus for museum collection, art collection, rare books, and document boxes
    • All storage has appropriate HVAC, security, and pest controls

Learning Spaces: Strategic Initiatives

No current initiatives in support of this strategic goal.