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Pacific University Libraries Strategic Plan: Creation & Publication


Foster Creation and Publication of Scholarship and Research. Deliver expertise, assistance, tools, and services that support the creation, dissemination, and credentialed publication of research and creative work.


Creation & Publication: Strategic Initiatives

No current initiatives in support of this strategic goal.

Creation & Publication: Core Activities

  1. Provide venues and services for Pacific community members to publish or otherwise disseminate their scholarly and creative works
  2. Provide instruction and guidance to Pacific community members regarding their rights and responsibilities as authors and content creators
  3. Provide publishing services and editorial support for scholarly journals
  4. Provide peer-reviewed monograph publishing through the Pacific University Press
  5. Provide support for Pacific community member self-publishing through Bee Tree Books
  6. Administer and promote CommonKnowledge as a venue for disseminating student and faculty original work