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Moodle Tutorials: Using Rubrics for Assignments

Using Rubrics in Assignments

The Assignment activity in Moodle has a unique feature that allows for advanced grading through criteria-based assessment or Rubric. In order to activate and use this feature as you create an assignment, select Rubric under the pull-down menu in Grade block in Assignment settings:


moodle screenshot


and then click Save and display button at the bottom:

save and display button

Moodle will take you to the page with Advanced grading options where you will be able to either create a new rubric from scratch or use an existing one as a template:

advanced grading screen

exclamation pointNOTE: You can also activate the Rubric and access this screen from the pre-existing assignment by clicking on that assignment and then selecting Advanced grading from the Gray Administration Gear in the upper right corner:

moodle screenshot