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Moodle Tutorials: End-of-Term Checklist

End-of-Term Checklist

End-of-Term Checklist

*Click on links to access detailed tutorials for each topic.

1. Update Grades

Add a Column in the Gradebook for any graded work that students did not submit electronically through a Moodle assignment or activity.

Helpful Hint: you can use the Bulk insert grades action to quickly enter grades if most students earned the same number of points (like for a group presentation or bulk participation score). 

1. With Edit mode "on", go to Grades > Single view:

screenshot of Bulk Insert action 1

2. Set Single view by Grade items:

screenshot of bulk insert action 2

3. Under the Actions menu, select Bulk insert grades :

4. Decide if you want to bulk insert for All grades or Empty grades (especially useful for entering zeroes for missing work), then enter the score:

screenshot for bulk insert grades 4

2. Export Grades

If you want to save course grades as an Excel or Google Sheets file, you can easily export grades into a spread sheet. 

screenshot moodle grades > Export

Remember that you can select which grade items to export--if you only need final grades, you can deselect all items in the Grade items to be included section (click "select all/none"), and then just select Course Total:

screenshot grade export 2


3. Link Next Term's Courses to Moodle

While you're taking care of Moodle business, remember to link next term's courses through Link Your Course at the top of any Moodle page. See this tutorial for how to link your course

If the course content is the same, you can Import from the course you are wrapping up. 

4. Course Availability

Note that user enrollment has changed slightly.  In the past, students continued to have access to a course for 6 months after the course end date and faculty had access for 2 years after the course end date. Now, all users will have continuous access to the course indefinitely. Therefore, if you want to restrict student access to a course after it has ended, you will need to hide the course (see below). Once a course is hidden, it is no longer visible on the student Moodle Dashboard.

Student-Centered Checklist

Many times we think of the end of the semester from the teacher’s perspective. Here are some things to keep in mind for students’ end of the semester to help them transition into the next semester successfully:

1. If you are using the Announcements forum remind your students to check their email for any announcements regarding the end-of-the-semester to-do list.

2. Some students lose track of some of the assignments sometimes, especially if your course is assignments-heavy. Remind them to go back to Moodle course to make sure that there are no outstanding ones.

3. Often times students rent textbooks instead of buying them. Remind them to check if they borrowed or rented textbooks to either cancel their subscription or return borrowed items.

4. To transition to the next semester successfully and sign up for courses that pertain to completing their major remind them to meet with the Student Advisor to figure out where they are in their progress and what would be the next step in their academic studies.

5. Remind students to submit an application for Federal Student Aid if they take out student loans to pay for their education.

6.  If students are close to graduation remind them to submit all required paperwork before the deadline so that they graduate on time.


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