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Moodle Tutorials: Setting up Whole Forum Grading

Discussion Forums: Setting up Whole Forum Grading

Setting up Forum Grading

You can turn on the forum grading interface to view all of a student's posts for review and to assign a grade.


1. Click on the three dots and then on Edit Settings:




2. Choose Whole Forum Grading from the menu below and select a type


Whole Forum Grading


4. Click Save and return to course when you are done editing settings.




5. To begin grading, return to the main forum page and select Grade Users.







6. The forum grading interface contains all of a student's forum posts on left side of the screen, and their name, a grade entry field and communication option on the right side of the screen. Their forum posts will contain post titles, dates and their content. You can scroll through all the students by clicking the arrow, or search by name by clicking on the magnifying glass.







7. Click Save to save grades after you have finished inputting all grades.