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Moodle Tutorials: Creating Assignments

Creating Assignments

The assignment feature in Moodle makes it very easy for students to submit their assignment files to instructors. It includes excellent features that make it easy for instructors to receive, manage and return those files back to students along with the feedback.

1. In the upper right-hand corner, click the "Edit Mode" on the top right:




 2. Next click Add an activity or Resource on the course front page within a topic or a week field: Select Assignment.




3. Add a title in the assignment name box and add the assignment details in the description box:




4. Select appropriate for your assignment values in the Availability block. These settings will determine when students will be able to submit the assignment, due dates, etc. You can find the full description of each component for Moodle under Assignment Settings.


5. Next block called Submission Settings controls how students will submit the assignment: whether they submit an independent file or type their assignment directly into Moodle, etc. Full description of Submission Settings for Moodle.



6. The block called Feedback Types controls how instructors will give feedback to students. Full description of Feedback Settings for Moodle.



7. Determine how the assignment will be graded in Grade. Full description of Grade Settings for Moodle. 

8. The last two blocks, Common Module Settings and Restrict Access, give you the ability to turn on group submission and create some restrictions for students accessing the assignment. Full descriptions of Common Module Settings and Restrict Access are available.


9. Once all appropriate settings are selected and set, click "Save and Return to course."