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Moodle Tutorials: Creating Categories in the Grade Book

Gradebook: Organizing Gradebook with Categories

Creating Categories

Adding a New Category

1. Select Grades under from the left side of page.

2. Click on the Setup tab in the right-hand corner.

3. At bottom of the page, click on the add category button.

4. Configure the settings for this particular category:

  • Give the category a name (e.g., Exams, quizzes, labs).
  • Determine that aggregation type, which determines how grades in a category will be combined. Usually set this to the same aggregation type as you have selected for the overall grade book.
  • You can select this category as a parent category and new child categories can be added within it.

NOTE: Quizzes is a parent category and it could contain two other categories (child categories) which can be labeled as "Pop quizzes before mid-term" and "Pop quizzes after mid-term."

  • Item weight: The weight of the category in relation to other categories.
  • Click on Save changes when finished.


To Edit Categories:
1. Click on the edit icon next to the category you wish to edit. The icon will look like this:
3. Make and necessary changes.
4. Click Save changes at the bottom when you are finished.


To Rearrange Categories:

1. To move a category up or down, select the move icon that looks like this, located to the left of the category or item:

3. Select the empty box to move the category to a new location.

4. Click the Save changes button when you are finished.