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Moodle Tutorials: Taking a Quiz in Moodle

Students: Taking a quiz in Moodle

Taking a Quiz

Online quizzes, tests, and exams are generally found under the course they are for.


1. To take a quiz, click on the link for the test in the appropriate section of your Moodle site, review the directions, and click Preview quiz now.

2. If the quiz covers multiple pages, you will need to click the Next button to see the next page. This will automatically save your answer.

3. You can keep track of where you are in a quiz by looking at the Quiz Navigation window. A bold dark line highlights the number you are on. Clicking on any number in the navigation window will bring you to that question. Also, clicking on Finish Attempt will bring you to the final screen of the quiz.

4. If you want to flag a question to look at later, click on the flag icon next to the questions. The flag will turn red and the corner of the question's box in the navigation window will also turn red.

5. After the last question, you will be taken to a Summary of attempt window. This will show you whether or not you have answered all of the questions in the test and any flags you may have set. You can go back to any of the questions simply by clicking on the question number.

6. When you are ready to submit your quiz, but sure to click the Submit all and finish button on the last page.