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Moodle Tutorials: Importing Grades from an Excel Spreadsheet

Importing Grades

To successfuly import grades back into Moodle gradebook, start out with a spreadsheet that has been exported from Moodle in the first place. This will ensure that your spreadsheet has all the proper fields with the proper values. Find the information on how to export Moodle gradebook to an Excel spreasheet on the exporting gradebook page.

1. Bring up the Excel spreadsheet onto your computer. Save the file as a CSV (comma delimited) document.

csv file

2. In Moodle, go to the Grades and then select the Import tab from the right-hand side. Make sure you also select CSV file as a file format from the second row of tabs:


Choose a file button or drag and drop file into a field below it. Before you click on Upload Grades, make sure Comma is selected in the "separator" section below your file.

4. Click on Upload Grades.

5. In the new window, under the Identify user by section (to find it, scroll down below the Import Preview section, make sure to change two fields. (NOTE: The upload will not work if you don't do this!):

  • <“Map from” to ID number
  • “Map to” to ID number

map grades

6. In the block below Grade item mappings, continue mapping grade item columns. Ignore the first 6 fields and the last S. start with the first actual Grade Item:

grade items mapping

7. Click on Upload grades at the bottom when done.

8. In the next screen you should see a verification message about successful import:

9. Clicking the Continue button will take you back to the Grader report view where you can preview all freshly imported grades.