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Moodle Tutorials: Linking Your Course to Moodle

Linking Your Course to Moodle

If you log into Moodle before the semester starts and do not see the course you are teaching listed on your Dashboard (Tip: set your Course overview filter to "Future"), it is possible that your course has not been initiated or linked to Moodle.  Courses within the Pacific University Moodle system are created when the instructor initiates creation (or links the course site to Moodle). Generally, you only have to initiate once per course via Moodle Controls at

1. To initiate/link your course site, go to Once logged in, click on the Controls menu and then select the Moodle link from the pull-down menu:

2. Click the the red ID number link of the course(s) you want to link OR the Moodle button to the right.

3. Scroll to the bottom of Course Information until you get to a blue "Link" button. After the course is linked the blue button becomes a red hyperlink. Note: the course in the image below is already linked.

Once your course has been successfully linked to Moodle, you should see it in your Moodle Dashboard. Note that it might be categorized under "Future" depending on the start date of the course.