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Moodle Tutorials: Adding Questions to a Quiz

Adding Questions to Quiz

Moodle has a variety of quiz types available. Regardless of what type of quiz you choose you will have to go through similar process in order to create questions. We will use the Multiple Choice quiz option as an example to demonstrate a step-by-step progression of adding questions, creating answer choices, shuffling the answers, grading the responses, and adding feedback options and hints to your quiz.


1. Select the Quiz: To add questions to your quiz in Moodle, select the quiz from the main page of your course.


Next, click on Add Question:

 2. Adding a Question: This will open a new page. To add a question, click the Add button. And then from the dropdown menu select a new question. This will create a new question that will appear on the same page as your prior question.


3. Question Type: In the pop-up menu, select the question type you would like to add to the quiz. Note that a description of your selection will appear in the right column. Shown below is the description for a multiple choice question. For more information, including how to decide on a question type for your quiz, refer to the Moodle Question website.


4. Naming the Question: The next screen will appear differently depending on the question type you selected.

Please note, this is for categorizing questions and will not appear when a student is taking the quiz.

Question text: Write the body of the question here.


5. Creating Answer Choices: If you selected multiple choice style questions, below the Question text are a few more options. Shown here are the automated answers, but be sure to change these settings so they're appropriate for your quiz. Hint: Uncheck the Shuffle the choices box if one of your possible answers is "all of the above."

6. Setting Correct Responses: Next, complete every possible choice for the responses. For the correct response, select 100% under the "Grade" drop down menu (unless you choose to have more than one correct answers). Additionally, use this space to enter automatic feedback when a student selects a specific response.

 Note that you can include additional choices by scrolling down and clicking the Blanks for 3 more Choices button.

7. Feedback: Next, the Combined feedback section allows you to enter feedback for a student's response. This feedback is not based on the specific response but rather generic responses that will appear when the student makes a correct, partially correct, or incorrect response.


 8. Add Hints: To add hints to your quiz, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Multiple Tries Tab. and enter the hint text. If a student clicks "show hint" the hint text indicated will appear for that questions.

Finally, click Save changes to successfully add this question to your quiz. You will be able to view all of these questions in your Question Bank in the future.